Tantan Huang- BA, MA, TCM with Dr. April Frerking RadatzTantanHuang

I’ve always believed, and taught my students that Traditional Chinese Medicine has a vast advantage over Western medicine in the field of women’s health. In Traditional Chinese Medicine in general, and specifically in woman’s health field, we ask extensive questions and patterns that help us, among other methods, make our diagnose and treatment plans, as well as specific treatments of acupuncture and personalized herbal prescriptions. April and Stacy were in my classes and on many of my shifts while they were working towards their Masters’ degrees from Pacific College of Oriental Medicine. They were always excellent students and interns who would strive towards tailoring their treatments for their patients and doing the necessary things to always achieve the best possible results. Being the youngest student I’ve had to my awareness, I was so impressed with April’s dedication to get where she was in her career, and the professionalism that she displayed at all times. Stacy’s bedside manner always put her variety of patients at ease. Both of them were very organized and time efficient as well as unknowingly drawing in patients who had a chief complaint of depression and helped them greatly. As a professional educator and long-time practitioner I unconditionally endorse these competent doctors.

drlindaDr. Linda Hegstrand, MD.                                        
Since I met Stacy in 2009, I have found her to be both a highly competent and compassionate acupuncturist. Stacy cares from the bottom of her heart about each patient that walks through her door. Her superb training and her deep concern for her patients make her your acupuncturist of choice.


Pamala Kay Schwarz, Board Certified Naturopath 
In early 2011 I went to see April for some acupuncture after an international trip left me fatigued and tired with many unexplained symptoms. My condition was so bad that it interfered with my daily living.  When I met April, I was very impressed with her thoroughness during my intake and the many questions that she asked in an effort to get to the root cause.  After just one acupuncture treatment I experienced significant improvement. I continued with acupuncture for several weeks, driving 2 hours one way to see April.  There were many acupuncturist right in my town however, I felt that the care I was receiving from April was well worth the drive.  April also recommended some Chinese herbs that helped tremendously. Without hesitation or reservation, I highly recommend Dr. April Frerking Radatz for any health issues you might be experiencing.  She is competent, compassionate and professional.

“They were able to re-balance my body…fix issues I’ve had my whole life to make it a better environment for a baby.”

I love, love, love these doctors! After my miscarriage, my body was a complete wreck. They were able to rebalance my body and fix issues I’ve had my whole life to make it a better environment for a baby. They supported me so much through my successful pregnancy, and made it a stable place for our little girl. I truly don’t know where we’d be without these awesome doctors! Thank you, thank you Dr. Stacy Frerking and Dr. April Frerking Radatz. Branson folks, if you have medical issues you haven’t been able to resolve, call them!

-Samantha & Lily Haven Fair born 2-3-18

Our clinic is Haygood Approved:

“My whole family has used acupuncture with great success. But I have used it specifically in dealing with my allergies to Oak and cedar trees. I previously could not even walk outside without having a reaction but after only a couple treatments, I am able to do yardwork tree trimming anything I need to with very little problems. The results are astonishing. I continue to use them every week to this day.”- Dominic Haygood

Dom testimonial

2 years of chronic issues, cost couple thousand dollars and no diagnosis or results…until now

These girls are the best! They treat both my husband, Patrick Haygood, and I for various things. Ever since I hit second trimester I have had issues with headaches. I have gone from five headaches a week down to one or two dull headaches in just 2 acupuncture treatments! Patrick and I both love “cupping” as well for tension issues! Patrick went through 2 years of chronic stomach issues that cost us a couple thousand dollars in medical testing, (and that was WITH insurance). No doctor or procedure could diagnose his problem. He had everything done from a scope to ultrasound to MRI and these doctors diagnosed it in one blood test and he has been wonderful ever since! Give them a holla!!-Stephani Haygood, 2017


“It’s really hard for me to try and find the right words to show the love and appreciation I have for the AcuMedDoc doctors other than giving them all the thanks in the world. Without their help I believe our little girl would not be here. They are encouraging and so caring about your situation and want to get to the bottom of the problem to help create a healthier version of you. They truly care about each and every patient that they work on, Anyone struggling with infertility issues, I strongly recommend giving them a try, you won’t be sorry! Their expertise and knowledge is unlike anyone in their line of work.”
-Talia Stone, mom of 5 month old Silvy Grace Stone

Talia testimonial 1

“We stopped by to see our friends at AcuMedDoc & Stacy Frerking took these cute pictures of the twins!! 💞 Stacy has been working with Asher on helping to heal the eczema on his face & it’s helping SO MUCH!!! He is healing from inside out & WITHOUT steroid creams!! THANK YOU Stacy, April & Bonnie for helping me to have a healthy pregnancy, healthy babies & for helping to heal my my sweet little man!! 🥰”
– Nikki Morris

twins testimonial

After 3.5 years trying to conceive, fertility medications, and IUI’s failed her… AcuMedDoc rebalanced her body and now she has a baby and a healthier version of herself!

Wayne Side by Side

Wayne came to the clinic with Bell’s Palsy affecting his left side of the face. He’d already completed rounds of prescribed steroids and anti-viral medications with only slight improvement.
He was experiencing swelling, severe pain in his face and ear, paralysis of eye, lip, and eyebrow.
Our doctors approached his case with pulse and tongue diagnosis to determine his underlying root cause and treated him with acupuncture, electro-acupuncture, laser therapy, cupping therapy, and custom formulas.

After only THREE treatments he said he’d gotten “a home run” with dramatic difference and decreased pain. He began to blink, and could finally sleep better.

At his final visit he didn’t have any pain twinges, and the best part was he could whistle again!

-Vernon Taylor, low back pain relief-Temptations tribute artist from Legends in Concert

I feel as though I am FINALLY LIVING, and no longer JUST EXISTING!

I was 28 years old and was battling some serious stomach issues. I went to my general practitioner several times and was told I had a stomach bug and was given antibiotics to which I never got better or received any relief. I also went to my gynecologist a few times, thinking possibly I was collecting cysts on my ovaries or was experiencing a pregnancy in my tubes. I was in the emergency room several times and was told it was nothing other than gas issues. I also was referred to a gastrologist that tried a few tests and a strict diet. This was all over the span of about a year and the last straw was when my gastrologist wanted to put me on a daily medication for irritable bowel syndrome at the age of 29. This was just completely unacceptable for me. I live over 600 miles away in Austin, TX now but I had known the Frerking sisters for over 15 years and they had always tried to live super healthy lifestyles. Once they opened the AcuMedDoc Clinic in Branson, I knew I had to try what I had seen them doing themselves for years.  I went to Dr. April Radatz on a Monday and began to tell her my symptoms and then she finished my sentence with the remainder of the symptoms I had!! This was a first. She explained to me they were all linked and it was a domino effect. How RELIEVING it was to have someone take me seriously and to say yes there is something wrong. With me living so far away, I stayed the entire week and received an acupuncture treatment each day. Within THREE days of being with Dr. Radatz I felt 80% better. It was shocking. She wasn’t medicating me but curing me. I left at the end of that week feeling absolutely amazing. In fact, better than I had ever felt in my entire life including my teenage years! Back in TX my husband and family could tell a huge difference; friends were asking what I had done. Dr. Radatz and Dr. Frerking have helped a couple of my friends here in Austin remotely, that are now singing their praises as well. To cure people over the phone and through emails while never seeing them face to face, well in my book they are doing something right. Especially when all my doctors I saw face to face could not figure out what was going on with me and they did in a week. Dr. Radatz and Dr. Frerking truly want to help people. I am currently 7 months pregnant with my first child and absolutely believe that Dr. Radatz played a major part in this miracle. Some people spend their entire lives not knowing what gift the Lord has blessed them with, these doctors have found it and are truly changing lives.

Thank you for giving me my life back, I will forever sing your praises.

Kyla Stephens, 30 TX soon to be mom of McKinley Grace

Kyla PG baby shower

Fertility Testimonial 

My husband and I are both in the entertainment business and decided to wait until later in life to have a child. After trying to conceive for 15 months, we thought we had waited too long as we had crossed over to the world of ‘infertility’. I wasn’t a fan of artificial insemination or any drugs. I started researching natural ways to regulate my hormone system properly so I could conceive, and came across an article on Mariah Carey saying she used acupuncture to help her get pregnant with her twins. So I thought, “Hey, maybe this could help us out as well!” And it did!!!!!! I started receiving acupuncture on a weekly basis from Dr. April and taking herbs that she highly recommended to balance my body and prepare for conception. Within just TWO months, I was pregnantMy husband and I can’t thank her enough for helping us bring our sweet little boy into the world 8 months ago. Thank you Dr. Radatz and AcuMedDoc for doing what you do!

Stephanie Young, 41 mom to Laken born 6/13/16


Katie Gumm’s Journey to Motherhood of Norah Sue born 7/1/16

“My name is Katie Gumm and I have been a patient of Dr. Frerking & Dr. Frerking Radatz since 2/27/15. I started coming for treatment with the desire to get pregnant.

My husband Matt and I have been married for 6 years and started trying to conceive 1 year into our marriage. After a year of trying with no luck, we began seeing a fertility doctor who found we were both perfectly healthy. We then began doing different fertility treatments which included, prescription Clomid, HCG Trigger Shots, and even IUI’s (intrauterine insemination). Still no luck.

1 year ago a friend recommended the AcuMedDoc to me. After pulse, tongue, saliva, and blood work to get a complete diagnostic picture, I began a regimen of supplements (very specific to my needs), herbal solutions, Moxa (ask the doctors about this one!), and acupuncture treatments. Every so often we re-checked my blood to see how the regimen was affecting me, and to make sure it was doing its job. Sometimes we adjusted our approach and other times we celebrated positive results. I conceived after 5 months of consistent treatment here.

If you are having trouble conceiving you should consider acupuncture for your fertility treatment needs. Why toxify your body with shots and medications, when you can receive all-natural treatments that prepare your body for pregnancy without residual effects. BONUS! I actually “feel” better after acupuncture treatments. I used to suffer with bronchitis/respiratory infections at least twice a year but haven’t since beginning treatment! I believe my immune system is stronger and my body operates in harmony much better than it used to.

Such a miracle from God and oh how He has used these amazing doctors in my life! I’m so very grateful for these doctors, their love for the Lord, patience with me throughout my journey, and the amazing gift they have helped give our family. They are a huge part of our story and I hope you’ll consider allowing them to be a part of yours.”



Luke Menard-Grand Country Entertainer

“If you want to live forever get acupuncture! I come weekly for my treatments, and can tell a dramatic difference in my body’s response to allergies. I don’t have them anymore! I also have improved sleep, my immune system is stronger, and I am getting all these benefits without side effects!”


Nikita’s New Bundle:

“I just wanted to thank you again for helping me get pregnant. We had been trying for 9 months before I came to see you. We had to leave Branson before our boy, Graydon, was born. Our little man was born in March 2015. He is 16 months old and running around. I tell everyone about how you helped us. Thank you so much! We might be trying for a second one in the near future.”

Ap & Mike Radio pic

Mike Patrick, Grand Country Entertainer Extraordinaire

“When you’re ready to feel and live better, call Dr. Frerking Radatz for an appointment. 417-334-0899. I’ve never felt better in my life and I know it’s from the acupuncture.”

photo (23)Pastor Dave Hamner, Magician & Entertainer at Hamner’s Unbelievable Variety

“I came to the clinic with acute right hip pain due to bone on bone; a condition caused by osteoarthritis in the joint…Dr. Frerking Radatz treated my arthritic hip with acupuncture and electrical stimulate, the treatment allowed me to continue performing my show, alleviating the pain in my hip until I could get time off for surgery, I highly recommend her and the clinic for anyone with joint or arthritic pain.”


Bakersfield, California Patient – Amazed
I went to see April for a pulse diagnostic exam, and to be honest I was skeptical about it all. I went so far as to keep my history of depression to myself. By the time she was done feeling it, and asking me some pertinent questions I realized, in awe, that she knew more about me than anyone else. She was able to diagnose my stress level which was related to my depression as well as my poor sleeping pattern to only mention a few things. I have never forgotten that moment, and I have told her multiple times that that was the “nail in the coffin” for me to realize her superior training for such a fine and in depth diagnostic tool.

People-SignRecoveryMilitary man who was scared of needles- Now a firm believer!
I was on medical leave due to a hernia surgery, and although it was a success, after a few days I had a new pain. The pain was in my stomach, but it was not near the site of incision. However, I still thought it was related to things just not moving as well in my abdominal region. I went to see Stacy, and she asked me some further questions and then put one just ONE needle in my arm. She stimulated it a little bit and then within, I kid you not, 20 seconds the pain was completely gone, never to return! I will never doubt again, and the needle wasn’t worth being scared of anyways it was so tiny.

People-BackBranson Entertainer
I had been experiencing a localized pain in my mid-back that seemed to be aggravated when I would lean back and turn. It felt like it was a 7/10 of severity on a pain scale and constantly would annoy me. I’d been to a chiropractor who had adjusted me, and usually that was enough to correct my pains, but this one was different. April pinpointed the area, palpated on what she referred to as “channels” on my arms and legs, and eventually inserted 3 or 4 needles in my arm (not even in the area of pain)! After she inserted the first one the pain moved, which she anticipated, and then by the end of my treatment I left with only a 2/10 on a scale of severity. And the pain never returned.

People-MagicAssistMagician’s Assistant. I was in so much pain I didn’t know how I was going to go onstage.
I had low back pain that was off the charts. Though normally agile and with a high pain tolerance, I for no reason suddenly was unable to bend over to even get close to touching my toes. I almost would pass out from the pain it was so intense. Due to the fact that I saw Stacy out in public and she was away from her needles, all she had in her arsenal were these little bead like things she called “ear seeds”. She stuck them on my ears explaining that the whole body can be imaged onto the ear. I really do not think I would have been able to have survived without this treatment. I am now addicted to “auricular acupuncture” because it is like acupuncture to go and they stayed on my ears for 3-5 days easing my pain.

STache pic

The pain was interfering with my vacation! IMMEDIATE Results!
I am a 21 year old male and had abdominal and sharp back pain for about a week. The pain was a 7/10 of severity. I was not too excited about needles prior to my treatment (it was my first acupuncture experience), but after the first needle was put in it sincerely felt good! I got immediate results! My stomach stopped hurting AND my back did too. I am still impressed.

My last option. My BEST results-Kris M. NO medication

I felt acupuncture was my last resort. After being on medication for over a year for fibromyalgia, I had a car wreck. I got some relief from chiropractic care, but was gradually feeling worse. After my first visit with Stacy I saw a difference. After my fourth visit, I was able to get back into martial arts with my daughter for the first time in over a year. I am being thrown and flipped with no repercussions. I’m sleeping better, thinking clearer, and now medication free, and feeling the best I have felt in years!!! I tell everyone I come in contact with about how great April and Stacy are and how much they have helped me. Their work at their clinic is like the new sliced bread. You don’t want to miss out. Kris M.

Results may vary*