We’re so appreciative of all the media attention our clinic’s 10 year anniversary received! Here’s an excerpt from our friends at Fox News.


Did you know our doctors are Missouri’s FIRST and only physicians with their specific specialty boards and licenses? They are qualified nationally and regionally to the highest educational extent, but more importantly they’re compassionate and caring about your well-being. We hope to see you soon.

At this one of a kind clinic in the region, latest discoveries in research combined with ancient proven techniques achieve comprehensive results for many patients in all walks of life and health. The timeless ancient art of pulse and tongue diagnosis is at the heart of the medicine. These diagnostics are practiced to evaluate the individual’s internal imbalances so the best treatment plan can be implemented for optimal results. The beauty of this medicine is that it is a tailored fit. It is personalized, specific, but most importantly, gets results. Now is never too early to get treatments either. Traditional Chinese Medicine is phenomenal in the field of preventative medicine, because when a body is imbalanced it is more likely to develop unwanted symptoms and/or disease.

Every person is different, and every treatment should match an individual’s needs. Acupuncture is excellent at treating the symptoms and the root cause. Customized herbal formulas are a major component of treatments at the clinic, and when used in tandem with acupuncture, the efficacy is greatly increased as a whole. Potent Chinese herbs from the in-house herbal pharmacy are formulated in a balanced way to enhance the body’s healing process.